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I don’t know if other stores have this problem, but I work at a boating/watersports store where we sell a lot of pricey equipment and boat parts. We often have customers come in, pick up something to get a better look, then decide not to buy it and put the item back in the wrong place. It’s not an issue of employees having to return the item to its home; we don’t mind doing that. The real problem is when someone puts a $30 stainless steel piece on the peg labeled for a $12 plastic piece, and another customer brings it to the register and gets upset because the advertised price was wrong.

This really became an annoyance when a customer came up to my register expecting to buy a $400 wakeboard for $52 because someone else had put it in the home of a clearance waterski. He was going to buy other items as well, but got so upset when my manager did not offer to adjust the price to $52 that he left all his items at the register and exited the store in a huff. His friend even agreed that we were clearly not providing appropriate customer service by refusing to give this man an 80% discount on a high-end wakeboard.

What bothers me the most is that these men acted like the price discrepancy was the store’s fault. In reality, some asshole got an employee to bring down a wakeboard for them (our higher-end boards are displayed closer to the ceiling for the sake of loss prevention), and was too lazy to find someone to put it back in the proper place. Stupid things like that aren’t a problem for the employees until someone throws a fit over incorrect pricing! I would happily hop on a ladder to put back a board if it means I won’t get yelled at later on.

So here’s my advice to the general public: If you change your mind about buying something, try to put it back where it belongs, or at least give it to an employee to return so dumb shit like this doesn’t happen. 

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